Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jeremy turns 35

December 2nd is a special day in the Franks' household, we can start celebrating Christmas.  While most American begin on black Friday, we must wait another week until after December 1st which is the date of my lovely husband's birthday.  And since this is his birthday post I will focus on him now.

He woke up to the traditional breakfast in bed.

 This year's menu: sausage, egg & cheese on a croissant with hot coffee and grapes on the side.
 After breakfast he received a few gifts:
Guitar re-strung
 and we received a concert :)
 He got to play golf and get a massage, and after dinner came home to cake and ice cream.

*Other gifts not pictured are RGIII T-shirt, One year of car detailing, and a new watch.  
Not a bad 35th birthday celebration.

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