Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

What an amazing Thanksgiving!  I had the pleasure of hosting The Franks' clan of 10!  It was my first ever hosting a holiday, and I wish I had pictures to share of my beautiful table (I got to use my mom's china for the first time!)  And all the food, but I have not yet learned to balance hostessing, cooking, and photographing all at the same time.  I know some of my lovely sis-n-laws captured a few shots, so I know not all is lost!

Probably the best part of Thanksgiving, besides using fine china, is meeting my new sweet niece, Tricia! Oh! What-a-GEM!!  She is such a great addition to the Franks'! 
She is social, sweet, cuddly, girlie & imaginative! Such a priceless gift from our Great God!!

Here are some shots others so graciously got on my camera!  
My kids have other cousins, but none that are close in age or share their last name.  
Tricia is the first & is super special.  
Here are the two Franks' grandgirls sharing a moment together.  
Probably chatting about "pollos" & their dress-up shoes!

Here is a special moment between Christopher and Tricia doing a Franks' thing: POPCORN!! 
We love ourselves some popcorn, and tea & coffee! Those would be the three things we'd all take if stranded on a desserted island together, ha!!

Here is a fun time playing in the leaves with their Papa!

So many things to be thankful for!  

Friday, November 11, 2011

180 movie

Watch this! Its 33min & it is grrrrreat! =)

Operation Christmas Child

I would highly recommend looking into it for your children.  It is a great, easy way to teach your children about those less fortunate.  During the upcoming season when it all seems to be about more, we as a family decided to fill a box that will mean the world to a little boy & girl. First we watched this
video (& maybe I cried)

The video got Christopher way excited to go purchasing our gifts. We went to the happiest place on earth, no not here, but here.

We loaded up on goodies, books, jump rope, toy dinosaurs, note pads & crayons.  Also a wash cloth, toothpaste & toothbrush.

Love those faces!!  I hope this will be something my children look forward to doing for YEARS to come! What a great mission, and we are so happy to support.  Click here to get detailed instructions, and to find a drop off location near you!

Btw, each box cost 14$, plus 7$ donation to cover shipping the gift.  21 bucks for a great tradition, and to help someone else.  Not too bad with us :)

Now off to watch this movie.  I heard it is very encouraging & inspiring.  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The little things...


I am excited it is time to order our calendar for 2012!  Yes, I do need Jan already;  I am a planner by nature.  I'd like to say how utterly organized I am, or something profound like a new calendar marks a new year = new beginning.  But no - just like nostaglia of a new school year & excited for school supplies - I get excited for my new calendar!  

This calendar above is my fav!  I love dry-erase, and I have magnetic dry erase markers right next to my calendar.  We are color coded in this family =)  Red - bills (blah), Purple - Fam Fun (yay!), Blue (c & mc), Green - J's work & appt, orange- me!

Ahh the simple things! Gotta love 'em!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy fourth birthday, Big Boy!

Dearest Christopher,

This week you turned four.  Really?  How?
It seems like yesterday you were like this:
But you grew very fast.  And had the BEST mullet in town.
You turned 1...
 then 2...

(I don't have 3, bc our computer with pics got stolen)
but trust he was equally as cute!

Now 4.

Christopher - you are my gift from God.  You are thoughtful, generous, smart, and kind.  You love your family & little sister, and you make my heart expand every time I get to watch you discover something new.  I am so proud of you, and so proud to be your mom.  Thanks for making our life so rich!

On your birthday we took you to the zoo!  We had the best time!

Love this family! 
Thanks to God for amazing, wonderful blessings!!  
Can't wait to expand by one more come end of April!! Woo HOO!!