Friday, August 19, 2011

Lazy girl

Hi there,

Yes, it has been awhile.  I hope you don't take this the wrong, but I have not missed you much, blogger.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the idea that I haven't posted anything in awhile.  Sometimes it is on my to-do list.  Please don't hate me, we will be friends again soon!


Well this post isn't fantiastic on my end, but IS about to get much better. Mostly because I didn't really create it! I am reposting from my sis-n-law.  She wrote a sweet post of the introduction of my in-law family meeting the latest addition to the Franks' clan, her daughter - our new niece/grand-daughter, Tricia!!

See the post here, bc it is quite precious!! The only problem was Franks' South was missing!!! =( Can't wait to see my kids in the mix with their new, outrageous, cousin!!

I love you, Tricia! You are a gem and loved by many.  Many that I am very jealus of right at this moment ;)

Sorry for such a negetive post, guys! Promise to be more positive on the next one!!