Friday, December 14, 2012

Big Helper

This kid is such a gift! I know i've said that before, and I shall say it again! A GIFT!! 

Last weekend we had good friends from Maryland come for a visit, and the day before they were to arrive I told Christopher at bed time I had to get downstairs to do chores to prepare for the Johnson's arrival.  Christopher says, "Save me a chore."  I said, "OK, tomorrow you can help me with the playroom." He nodded no, and said, "the dishes."  I said OK.

 Reader you should know you we have no dishwasher, wait scratch that, I AM THE DISH WASHER. Before you gasp, this doesn't bother me.  We have found a great routine, and I actually do not miss the machine that is the dishwasher!  

Ok, back to my sweet boy.  We didn't have many dishes this night because we ate leftovers, so I thought I would leave the dishes to see what he would do.  Sure enough, without prompting, first thing in the morning he went downstairs and turned on the water (no soap), and began washing - gloves and all! I added soap to his sponge and off he went.  He was very focused, and didn't stop until the last dish! I was so proud!

 Looks like Ive got a new dishwasher after all ;)

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