Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Dearest McKinley,

I think you are pretty great, and I enjoy hanging out with you.  You make me laugh with your antics.

 I love when you cross your eyes when I am trying to tell you something important or discipline you. You know exactly how to lighten the mood.

I also enjoy hearing you say grown-up things like,"wait just a second." I think its your voice that makes me giggle the most.  I often have to tell you, "big girl voice" when I think you are saying baby-talk, but then nothing in your voice changes you just get more serious (lighten up Nicole, she will only be a "baby" a little bit longer).

 I love how you dance when you hear a beat, and the way to swing your arms and prance around. You are very good at picking up lyrics for a song you may hear once or twice.  I loved hearing you sing this one today while we rode in the van. It makes me realize how much you pay attention to things.

You are a good mommy to your baby, Sienna.  She adores you, and all the big girl things you get to do.  Like push your purple shopping cart, and pour your own cereal. She even loves you when you are silly, and do silly things to her like this:

Your big brother thinks you are pretty great as well.  Even if you two don't always get along.  I hear you two when you think I am not listening & I hear lots of love.  It is pretty special when you two are apart, and you say your goodbyes it is always: "hug & kiss."  I think you two will always be great friends.

You are so much like me its quite scary.  You are afraid of heights.  Like when daddy lifts you high.  I remember hating when tall people did that to me when I was a child.  You don't like sitting on high things either.  This was probably three feet in the air:
or on this little four-wheeler:

When you enter into a party, or room full of people you need a few moments to warm up, just like me.  Large crowds overwhelm you, and you are NOT a fan of strangers.  You typically say, "I don't like dos guys." But I know you just mean, mommy I want to make sure I go home with you and not those strangers.

You love your daddy something fierce. You always have.  He has a special place in his heart for you too.  You could probably get away with anything, but don't tell him I told you that.

Recently you have a new found interested in my make-up & nail polish.  I try not to make it a big deal, even though I think you are too young to have make-up on.  It does make for some fun picture moments.
(serious about her nails drying)

All this to say, McKinley, you are mommy's special girl.  You can make me crazy with your whining, and obsession with your paci, but you are so sweet you make my teeth hurt!

And I know soon enough you will be off with your friends, and talking and texting and who knows what else!  I want to hold onto these moments, because time...ugh, time - we have a love/hate relationship.  I treasure you McKinley yesterday, today, tomorrow and for always!

My prayers for you are that you have so much confidence in Christ, that you will NEVER compare yourself to another women.  That you have so much confidence in Christ, that no man will ever be good enough, but you will take one that loves the Lord your  God with all his heart, mind, and understanding.  I pray that you have so much confidence in Christ that you will have your own children and commit them to the Lord and His work!

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