Thursday, January 10, 2013


My favorite app! Here are a few of my fave instagrams

Morning Date with my love

Getting fed on both sides.  About to bake kale chips on the right, 
and listening to the first session of Passion 2013.  
That Passion stuff will change . your . life .

Switch a-roo! This is a funny story.  
Christopher: I like your shirt
Me: I'll save it for you, and you can have it one day.  
Hey I bet I can fit into the shirt your wearing.
Christopher: What? No way!

Left is before.  Right is after.
See his giggly face.  That's the face I live for!

Dirty Hair.  What I love about dirty hair is it can do some many fun things!

What I do on Tuesday mornings.

What I do every other morning.  Bliss.

This girl! Well she is special, but you already know that from this post.

Meet Nicole Mangialetti circa 1986... I think. Or '85. Doesn't matter, its a classic.  
Have a looksey at that background - so 80's school picture!

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